By Elizabeth Turner, MS, CGC

In times of need, we are here for you and your patients, anytime and anywhere.

For the present times and beyond, AT-GC helps provide rapid, turn-key, full-service, telehealth genetic counseling solutions.

Sculpture depicting a Great Deperssion Breadline at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, Washington, D.C.

Dear Friends,

We are facing times that, for the majority of our population, are unprecedented. Though we’ve heard stories of bread lines from our Depression-survivor grandparents and may have even lost a great-grandparent to the 1918 flu pandemic, prior to now, these seemed like stories that happened in the ambiguous past, cloaked safely in the sands of time.

Now, with the COVID-19 risks affecting our collective lives and restructuring the rhythms of our days, we, as those involved in the healthcare industries, are called to follow the recommendation of the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Civil Rights, to act by “empowering medical providers to serve patients wherever they are during this national public health emergency.”

We must collectively find new ways to support and uphold one another, all while keeping our physical distance. When it comes to virtual genetic counseling, AT-GC offers that support.

For organizations experiencing the need for the rapid shift to a functional telehealth genetics program, AT-GC provides solutions by giving access to a dedicated, nationwide, certified genetic counseling team, utilizing regulatory-compliant, established telemedicine modalities.

AT-GC: Shining our light of hope to the genetics community by connecting together with patients, no matter the distance.

To discuss the genetic counseling support needs your center is experiencing and how we can meet you where you are to discover and implement rapid, actionable solutions, send us a message or contact us at 888-252-2842 (ATGC) or by email at We look forward to hearing from you.

The Call for Rapid Telehealth Solutions: Virtual Genetic Counseling's Importance for Today's Social Distancing Crisis

In this critical time of uncertainty, our health companies, including those providing most non-essential healthcare needs, are pressured with recommendations to enact social distancing measures, at a minimum, and, amid rising concern of managing the COVID-19 pandemic effectively, in-person closures and shelter-at-home requirements are becoming commonplace and are expected to remain in place for the coming months.

These changes, which seemingly happened in the blink of an eye, are prompting a restructuring of businesses across the globe. Like many organizations, health practices and companies have found themselves often inadequately prepared for the tremendous and immediate shift toward primary service delivery through telemedicine, and are faced with the immediate challenge of quickly developing robust telehealth programs while managing countless other challenges among the change in workforce environments. Many are left scrambling to establish iterations of functioning virtual systems that will carry them swiftly and, as seamlessly as possible, into the future of virtual connection.

AT-GC: How We Help

An early pioneer and one of the first companies established in the tele-genetics space, now, with four years of experience under our belt, AT-GC's genetic counseling team continues to proudly serve as a nationwide, dedicated provider of rapid and trusted comprehensive genetic counseling for our patients and partners.

Additionally, we’ve been working hard to ensure we have a live and accurate, dedicated pulse on the complex and changing issues surrounding healthcare and telemedicine to help ensure telemedicine genetic counseling solutions are implemented successfully and in accordance with current regulations.

For our partners and clients, this means that we are well-prepared to step in, often within 24 hours, and establish 24/7 access to a dedicated team of certified genetic counselors. We serve as a turn-key, compliant solution for temporary or long-term genetic counseling needs, at a fraction of the cost (or no cost, with patient-billing options) of hiring even a single genetic counselor.

The virtual genetics space is our specialty, which means that we are already prepared with HIPAA-compliant technology and support services to help effortlessly integrate your the unique needs of your practice and patients.

AT-GC's model reduces patient wait times from an industry-average that often approaches three months, to provide cost- and time-saving benefits for patients and the organizations that care for them. With real-time counseling support in multiple languages and urgent referrals seen same or next business day, AT-GC  removes barriers and promotes genetic counseling access for all who seek it.

AT-GC: Virtual Genetic Counseling and Consulting Solutions

We work with patients and institutions of all types to provide full-service genetic counseling (pre-test genetic counseling, testing coordination, and post-test results interpretation). Our partners include:

Our licensed and ABGC-certified genetic counselors provide services for patients, and their associated institutions, of all indication types and genetic testing needs, including those in the following areas:

How to Work with Us


To schedule a patient (or to provide patients a link for self-scheduling), call us at 888-252-ATGC (2842) or navigate to: to see available genetic counseling appointments and book an appointment online.


Customized workflows, a dedicated support team of genetic counselors, and unique schedulers are available for our partner organizations, allowing you to turn on the genetic counseling option and benefit to your practice or organization immediately.

Contact us at or by phone at 888-252-ATGC to discuss the specific needs of your organization and see how collaborating with AT-GC's seasoned telemedicine genetic counseling professionals increases the timeliness and efficiency of your genetics offerings.


If you are experiencing a shortage of available genetic counselors, or would like to learn more about our temporary genetic counseling solutions to support your organization during the COVID-19 health crisis and employee shortage, please call us at 888-252-ATGC or send an email to We are here to help.  We will continue to offer models that strive to make AT-GC’s genetic counseling solutions economically viable for practices and organizations of all types and with varying needs.

To support organizations with no or limited budget for genetic counseling, we will continue to offer free service to these organizations with patient-pay options that eliminate institutional fees for genetic counseling. With patient and staff access to AT-GC's genetic counseling appointment scheduler, pertinent genetic information is shared back with your team, ensuring continuity of care with your providers.

For organizations that choose to offer genetic counseling as a paid service to their patients, AT-GC offers some of the lowest institutional pricing in the industry for pay-per-use genetic counseling. With rapid setup and customization of workflows to meet the needs of your specific clients, we're here to help. Send us a message to discuss how we can meet you where you are in this time of need to optimize your organization's genetic counseling offering and benefit your genetic counseling clients' experience. We integrate with your systems to help clients and providers receive the genetics support and care they need by providing the highest quality virtual interaction with our dedicated team of genetic counselors, all without missing a beat.

We are here to help navigate the world of genetics, anytime and anywhere.

A Word to Our ACGC-Genetic Counseling Graduate Program Educational Partners

AT-GC currently works alongside several genetic counseling programs as a clinical rotation site for students. In an effort to assist with the needs of genetic counseling students displaced from upcoming clinical experience and rotations during these extraordinary times, we have redoubled on our commitment to the genetic counseling programs for whom AT-GC serves as a clinical rotation site by accepting additional students who are faced with exceptional need or circumstances during this time.

We look forward to continuing to serve in this capacity as a place of learning and support for the genetic counseling programs and aspiring genetic counselors.

Get in Touch

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AT-GC's Genetics Care Team is here to help.

Together, we as humanity can overcome the unique challenges facing our communities during these challenging times. Together, we can develop solutions to complex situations that have overnight changed the landscape in which we provide business and interact with our clients and colleagues, family and friends.

Together, we can help reduce the spread and risk posed by the current viral threat by adopting forward-looking solutions to virtual care. Together, we can ensure that our neighbors, friends, and the individuals entrusted to our care have access to the genetics health services that continue to remain so desperately needed and sought by so many.

Wishing you and yours health and happiness during this time.


Elizabeth Turner, MS, CGC

Certified Genetic Counselor

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Advanced Tele-Genetic Counseling (AT-GC)