Have you heard about genetic counseling and genetic testing but are not sure what they mean? Genetic counseling is performed by healthcare professionals that have specific training in understanding and interpreting complex genetic information. also help coordinate appropriate genetic testing and act as a liason between a person seeking genetics services and their doctor, explaining the personalized genetic information in a manner that is easy for patients and physicians to understand.

AT-GC's certified genetic counselors help make genetic counseling avsialable to patients through telemedicine, no matter the location

Here are four common questions received at Advanced Tele-Genetic Counseling (AT-GC):

1. How Can Telemedicine Genetic Counseling Help Me?
Meeting with an AT-GC genetic counselor through telemedicine helps you understand your personalized risks are for genetic conditions. Genetic counseling provides information on why certain genetic conditions may have occurred in your family, or what the likelihood is that they may happen again. Genetic counseling can help you undeterstand what specialized genetic testing, screening, or treatment might be recommended based on your genetics. Your genetic counselor also reviews how knowledge of your genetics might have implications regarding the genetic information and risks to your family members who have inherited genetic changes. Receiving genetic counseling through telemedicine with AT-GC means you can meet with a genetic counselor, often from the comfort of your home, within days of requesting an appointment, and often in your native language. No more 5-6 month wait times or commutes that are often standard for in-person genetic counseling  ... AT-GC offers rapid, specialized genetics care within days of your request, anywhere you may be, at a time convenient to you.

2. What Questions are Asked at a Genetic Counseling Appointment?
In order to determine what someone's genetic risks may be, AT-GC's genetic couonselors ask questions about your health and the health of your family members, such as who in the family has had symptoms of a suspected genetic condition, what the symptoms were, and the ages they developed the symptoms. It is important to know if anyone has a diagnosis of a genetic condition and if anyone has previously had genetic testing. In some cases, there may not be a history of the genetic condition in the family or you may not know your family history. Genetic counseling can help individuals with no known, or limited, family or personal history by allowing them to find out more about their own genetic concerns through detailed conversation with their genetic counselor.

3. What are Hereditary or Genetic Conditions?
Hereditary conditions are caused by a mutation, or a change, in a gene. Our genes are the instructions that tell our body how to develop and function. If a gene has a mutation in it, it doesn't work the way it is supposed to. This can increase the risks for certain health problems or cause specific diseases. We share our genes with our family members. If someone has a mutation in a gene, it is possible their family members could have the mutation. Other people may be the first in the family to have the genetic mutation or predisposition to the genetic condition.

4. Will Genetic Testing Impact My Health Insurance?
The Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act (GINA) is a federal law that was passed in 2008. It prevents health insurance companies and employers from discriminating against people based on their genetics. This means your family health history and/or genetic testing results cannot impact your eligibility for health insurance or the price you pay for your health insurance. In many case, genetic testing information helps ensure that extra screenings or treatments are covered by health insurance plans.

AT-GC provides comprehensive genetic counseling services throughout the United States and select international locations.
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